Why should I invest with COIN Hodl?

COIN Hodl provides retail and institutional investors direct exposure to the digital asset class in a secure, cost effective and transparent way. We offer a diverse investment in multiple digital currencies, and our digital currency holdings are secured by Goldmoney. Your investments in COIN Hodl are also TSFA and RRSP eligible. 


Will my investment be safe?

We offer unparalleled safety and security offered by Goldmoney Inc. (TSX: XAU) COIN Hodl has engaged Goldmoney to act as Custodian. Goldmoney will provide 100% insurance on all digital assets in the event of loss or theft. Cryptocurrencies purchased by COIN Hodl will be held offline in Goldmoney’s cold storage vaults with the aid of Brinks and Goldmoney’s proprietary BlockVault technology.


Where does the stock trade and what is its symbol?

COIN Hodl trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol COIN.


What are the associated fees?

COIN Hodl is charged a 2% management fee by Samara Capital Inc. to manage operations and a 1% custodian fee by Goldmoney for insurance.


When is the company’s year end?

Our year end is December 31.


Who are the company’s auditors?

We have engaged MNP LLP as our auditors.


Who is the company’s transfer agent?